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Stretch Rig

Stretch - a FREE Blender rig!

Learn more about the project in this video, and check our instructions below!

You want to see how it works? Let Igor explain it to You.

Do you have comment, suggestion, feature request? Please help us improve the rig and fill this form:

A beginner in Blender? No worries! Let Tamara set you up quickly!

Don’t forget to read our Manifesto, something big is cooking – sign up for the free membership in our community and we’ll update you regularly:

Or join our Discord server:

The model was done by a great artist Dejan Mijatović. The base of the rig is Autorig, and it’s powered by X-picker… but it’s heavily customized by the very talented David Rodriguez… see their links below.

Check out the instruction videos on how to use it, how to start to animate in Blender, or how to export our character to Unreal, the heart of our pipeline.

If this rig serves the community well, we will publish three more characters – Buddy, Princess, and the Dragon.


Learn more about our project:


Artist links:

Dejan Mijatović

David Rodriguez –


If You like the software used, support the artists and the community!


Blender download:

Auto-Rig Pro:

X-Pose Picker:


Thank you for your time and have fun!

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